New Hymns

New Hymns – the lastest 20 pieces to be recorded.

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New Hymns and Instrumental Pieces

Hymns Without Words is always adding new hymns and instrumental pieces. Please keep checking this page to discover what is new on the web site. Please remember, you can request that we add new hymns through this link. If you are a recording artist, you can ask for your recording to be added by using this link.

Latest Additions

Why Hymns Without Words

Some potential benefits of using are:

  1. Access to a large library of hymns: offers a large collection of hymns, many of which are commonly sung in Christian worship services. This allows users to easily find and access the lyrics and quality music for hymns that they may wish to incorporate into their own worship services or personal practice.
  2. Flexible instrumentation options: The website offers sheet music for each hymn in a variety of different instrumentations, such as organ, piano, guitar, and various ensembles. This can make it easier for musicians to find a version of the hymn that suits their particular instrument and skill level.
  3. Easy-to-use search and filtering: The website’s search and filtering tools allow users to quickly find the hymns they are looking for based on various criteria, such as hymn title, author, or topic. This can save time and effort compared to manually searching through a large collection of music.
  4. Access to sheet music for free or at low cost for new hymns and arrangements: this can also make it easier for musicians to experiment with new hymns and arrangements without having to make a financial investment upfront.
  5. High-quality recordings: In addition to the sheet music, the website also offers high-quality recordings of many of the hymns. These recordings can be used for personal practice or for playing during worship services when live musicians are not available.

Overall, provides a convenient and accessible resource for musicians and worship leaders who are looking to incorporate hymns into their practice or services.