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Happy New Year!

Hymns Without Words is a service providing quality Free MP3 recordings of hymns and other music for services to accompany choirs and congregations. The web site was established in 2007 and has had millions of visitors. The music is used in churches around the world and in live streams from Zoom, YouTube etc. 

Recordings are often refreshed and new recordings added, so please keep coming back to see what is new.  Click Here for a list of all hymns. For out latest recordings please follow Richard Irwin on:  SoundCloudTwitter / Facebook / Apple Music / Spotify

The Hymns Without Words Lectionary

* Two sets of readings are given for this Sunday, those for Year C Epiphany 7 are from the USA, those for 2nd Sunday Before Lent are from the Church of England lectionary.

As Bright As A Rose Baptismal Anthem

Written as a Christening present for granddaughter, As Bright As A Rose is a beautiful Baptismal Anthem for SATB, conducted and recorded by David Simkins.

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God Sent His Son Single Released, Sung by soprano Maria Mitich

God Sent His Son (Glory Alleluia) with words by Colin Gordon-Farleigh with music by Richard Irwin, please help us get this into the charts.

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Build a Better World 2021 – Environmental Fundraising Through Music

Hymns Without Words is supporting the environmental fundraising effort of Build a Better World 2021. More information can be found  here, or just click on the Better World track below.

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Play the song and raise money for charity!

We have had hundreds of thousands of plays so far, please help us get to one million!

Sung by Cindy Hall – Sheer Joy Music. Find it on Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify