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Quality Free MP3 Recordings of Hymns, Carols and Other Works

Hymns Without Words is a service providing quality Free MP3 recordings of hymns and other music for services to accompany choirs and congregations. The website was established in 2007 and has had millions of visitors.

The music is used in churches of different denominations around the world and in live streams from Zoom, YouTube etc. We welcome people of all faiths to use these recordings in their worship, and we welcome requests for new recordings and new hymns to add to our ever expanding repertoire.

Recordings are often refreshed and new recordings added, so please keep coming back to see what is new.  Click Here for a list of all the hymns on Hymns Without Words and Click Here for a list of purely instrumental pieces for music, before after services and the bits in between.

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New Album – J S Bach Short Preludes and Fugues

Released 2nd March 2022, this album of short and exciting Bach Short Preludes and Fugues provides music for before and after services, as well as for those gaps in the middle.

Better World Wins Best Song Country Award

The song we are supporting to raise money for environmental charities “Better World” sung by Cindy Hall wins the Akademia Best Song, Country Award for February 2022. The song has been played over 1 million times since its release. Please click on the track below to help us further exceed our 1 million play target.

June 5th is World Environment Day 2022 a the release of a new Classical Crossover version of the song, sung by young soprano Annie Garry. More information at BuildABetterWorld.info.

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Hymns For More General Uses

As Bright As A Rose Baptismal Anthem

Written as a Christening present for granddaughter, As Bright As A Rose is a beautiful Baptismal Anthem for SATB, conducted and recorded by David Simkins.

Find it on Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify

Build a Better World 2021 – Environmental Fundraising Through Music

Hymns Without Words is supporting the environmental fundraising effort of Build a Better World 2021. More information can be found  here, or just click on the Better World track below.

Cindy Hall wins the Akademia Best Song, Country Award for February 2022. We have now exceeded our target is 1 million.

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Play the song and raise money for charity!

We have had nearly 1,000,000 plays so far and exceeded our target.

Sung by Cindy Hall – Sheer Joy Music. Find it on Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify


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