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Request A New Recording

At Hymns Without Words we are always trying to expand the number of hymns with have available for download. There are thousands of hymns and new ones appear almost daily, so please add your request and we will try and create a suitable accompaniment for your singing. Recordings are made by Hymns Without Words founder and composer: Richard M S Irwin.

There may be reasons why we cannot always complete a recording, for example, for hymns where the composer’s work is still in copyright (music comes into the Public Domain in the UK 70 years after the death of the composer). In these cases we have to get permission from the copyright holder, which can sometimes take a long time, and in some cases it is refused.

New Recording Instrumentation

Not every work is suitable for the Church Organ and so if you want your new recording to use different instruments, please let us know.

New Recording Of A New Work

One of the other things we are proud of is creating a platform for new hymnwriters to have their hymns recorded and made available to our worldwide audience.  So if you are, or know a budding hymnwriter who wants to be recorded, please still include your request. Some of our better known new hymnwriters include:  Colin Gordon-Farleigh, Greg Bate, Greg Scheer, Hugh George Wetmore, Michael Lindsay Forster, Stephen G Brown and Verna Penn Moll.

New Recording Request Form

This form is to request a recording for a hymn or instrumental pice not currently available from Hymns Without Words. We will try and complete your request in a timely manner. Please note that hymns that are still in copyright may take longer as permission will be needed from the copyright holder.
We will not share this or other information with any third party.
Selected Value: 1
Not needed for instrumental pieces.
Most hymns are played on the organ, but you have a choice of any instrumentation you prefer. Some hymns are better with Piano with a flute taking the melody line. We have even recorded hymns in the styles of Blue Grass, Brass Band, Big Band and Calypso! The choice is yours. Also please make suggestions about when this music might be used in the liturgy, or in the Lectionary cycle.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
To help us create your recording, please upload a copy of the music sheet/score if you have if available.