Sweet Sacrament Divine

Sweet Sacrament Divine (Divine Mysteries, Organ, 4 Verses) Free MP3

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Sweet Sacrament Divine : Recording

  • Tune: Divine Mysteries, composed by Francis Stanfield (1835-1914). Public domain.
  • Performance ℗ 2023 Richard Irwin Music®. All rights reserved. ISRC UKTU22300017.
  • Cover Image by Gini George from Pixabay

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1. Sweet Sacrament divine,
Hid in thine earthly home,
Lo, round thy lowly shrine,
With suppliant hearts we come;
Jesus, to thee our voice we raise
In songs of love and heartfelt praise:
Sweet Sacrament divine.
Sweet Sacrament divine.

2. Sweet Sacrament of peace,
Dear home for every heart,
Where restless yearnings cease
And sorrows all depart;
There in thine ear all trustfully
We tell our tale of misery:
Sweet Sacrament of peace.
Sweet Sacrament of peace.

3. Sweet Sacrament of rest,
Ark from the ocean’s roar,
Within thy shelter blest
Soon may we reach the shore;
Save us, for still the tempest raves,
Save, lest we sink beneath the waves:
Sweet Sacrament of rest.
Sweet Sacrament of rest.

4. Sweet Sacrament divine,
Earth’s light and jubilee,
In thy far depths doth shine
Thy Godhead’s majesty;
Sweet light, so shine on us, we pray,
That earthly joys may fade away:
Sweet Sacrament divine.
Sweet Sacrament divine.

  • Lyrics by Francis Stanfield (1835-1914). Public domain.
  • Meter: 66 66 88 6


  1. Just listened to this one, Richard. I liked playing it at band – never knew the words though.
    Thinking of you, Liz xx

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