Lumen Christi

Lumen Christi (Light of Christ, Live Performance, 3 Verses) MP3 Dowload

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  • Recording by Saint Cecilia’s Choir, B.B. OWA, Nigeria.
  • Hymn submitted by Gentle Lamb Emeri.
  • Cover Image by Nicola Stockton from Pixabay


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Lumen Christi Lyrics

Lumen Christi, light of Christ; shine in our hearts, in this banquet. For we are not worthy, to receive You Lord, but only say Your word oh Lord we shall be healed. We are not worthy to receive You Lord, Lumen Christi set us free.

1. Longing for Your food, Your people are gathered, we are gathered at Your table to eat and drink; Your body broken for us and Your blood poured our for us, by Your priest at the holy altar feed us Lord. Chorus

2. Lord, we have come feed us we are hungry; we’ve come Lord to receive Your body and Your blood. In this sacrament, holy Eucharist. Lumen Christi, shine in our hearts, Lumen Christi, set us free. Chorus

3. Lumen Christi, Lumen Christi deliver us, and dispel every darkness in us oh Lord. Sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus, we have come to receive, Your body and Your blood feed our souls. Lumen Christi, Lumen Christi shine in our hearts; Lumen Christi, Lumen Christi shine in our hearts. Chorus

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