Bwv 534

BWV 534 J.S. Bach Prelude And Fugue In F Minor Organ Recording

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BWV 534 : Recording

BWV 534 : A Summary

Apprentice to Master: Disk 1 – Track 6 : J.S. Bach Prelude and Fugue in F Minor BWV 534, by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), one of the most renowned composers of the Baroque period.

Bach composed BWV 534 c. 1710 during his tenure as organist at the Weimar court. The Prelude begins in F minor with a short opening motif which repeats, successively lower in pitch as it is harmonised by a second lower voice. The tonality is anchored by sustained Fs in the bass until the texture opens up and the bass arpeggiates around a circle of fifths progression. The opening material returns in the dominant key of C major before the music enters a section of extensive modulation through a range of keys up until the cadenza-like finale. The Fugue section begins with the subject stated in the lower manuals, next joined by an upper voice and then pedals.

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