Upload A New Hymn

Upload A New Hymn

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Upload A New Hymn – There are many thousands of hymns and we at Hymns Without Words have only recorded a small fraction. Therefore we have decided to open the platform to other artists. If you have recorded a hymn that you believe should be included in our collection then please submit it here. Please ensure that you have all the necessary intellectual property to allow us to publish the recording and the lyrics.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
This should be a central link to Apple, Spotify, Tidal etc.
If your hymn has reference to a specific Psalm, or is suitable for particular Sundays in the Lectionary, or other uses (e.g. Weddings, Funerals) please list them here.

Hymns Without Words reserves the right to accept or reject submissions on the basis of quality and suitability. As this is a free service, we do not charge for listens or downloads, nor do we pay royalties for tracks being played.

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