A Mighty Wind Around Us

A Mighty Wind Around Us (Cara, Organ, 4 Verses) – The Spirit’s Fire

A Mighty Wind Around Us Lyrics The Spirit’s Fire 1. A mighty wind around us, Is rushing through this place;

O Sacred Head Surrounded (Passion Chorale - 3 Verses) - Organ

O Sacred Head Surrounded (Passion Chorale, Organ, 3 Verses)

O Sacred Head Surrounded Lyrics O Sacred head, surrounded by crown of piercing thorn! O bleeding head, so wounded, reviled

Born In The Night (Mary’s Child)

Born In The Night (Mary’s Child, Piano Ensemble, 4 Verses)

Born In The Night : Lyrics Lyricist: Geoffrey Ainger (1925-2013). Copyright © 1964 Stainer & Bell Ltd. Meter: 76 76.