An Angel Appeared To The Shepherds

An Angel Appeared To The Shepherds (Brycheiniog, Small Ensemble, 4 Verses)

An Angel Appeared To The Shepherds : Lyrics

An angel appeared to the shepherds
As they tended their sheep on that night,
Foretold of the birth of the Saviour,
Who would banish the dark with His Light.

He told of a sign that would guide them
To the place where the infant would lay;
For God placed a star in the heavens
As a sign on that first Christmas Day.

So leaving their sheep far behind them,
With the star shining brightly above,
They followed the sign to a stable,
Where they worshipped God’s mercy and love.

They knelt at the altar of heaven,
All their gifts and their praises did bring,
Though they saw the tiniest baby,
All their worship was poured on a King.

Meter: 76 76. Lyrics Copyright © 2006 Colin Gordon-Farleigh – used with permission.

An Angel Appeared To The Shepherds : Recording

An Angel Appeared To The Shepherds : Free Download For Congregational Singing

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