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Major New Album – J.S. Bach Apprentice to Master

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach is revered as some of the greatest compositions ever written, but even Bach was young at one time and this collection of the complete Preludes and Fugues for Organ follows the progression of Bach’s church music from a teenage apprentice to mature master of his art. It took nearly a year from conception to release.

We are especially honoured to dedicate the album to King Charles for his coronation.

Producing this album was a nine-month transformative process of learning for Richard who was also undergoing treatment for cancer in his lungs and his brain. He had often found with many recordings of Bach’s organ works, that the music is lost in loud echoey chords and over-dramatic changes in tempo. This album therefore maintains a clarity that brings out the competing parts in the counterpoint and identifies the dance rhythms that are always at the heart of Bach’s music.

It was both a musical and sometimes an emotional challenge for Richard, dealing with the youthful exuberance of the young Bach and the later expressions of anguish and personal tragedy as Bach grew older, and finally the mastery of his maturity.

Links to all good streaming services can found by clicking here. To enjoy the highest quality listening, you can buy a copy of the double CD Album by clicking here. £2.50 will be donated to Cancer Research for each copy sold.

Quality Free MP3 Recordings of Hymns, Carols and Other Works

Hymns Without Words is a service providing quality Free MP3 recordings of hymns and other music for services to accompany choirs and congregations. The website was established in 2007 and has had millions of visitors.

The music is used in churches of different denominations around the world and in live streams from Zoom, YouTube etc. We welcome people of all faiths to use these recordings in their worship, and we welcome requests for new recordings and new hymns to add to our ever-expanding repertoire.

Recordings are often refreshed, and new recordings added, so please keep coming back to see what is new.  Click Here for a list of all the hymns on Hymns Without Words and Click Here for a list of purely instrumental pieces for music, before after services and the bits in between.

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If you are interested in original hymns and other works by founder Richard Irwin, please follow this link.

Charles III Coronation Album

Apprentice to Master: Complete Preludes and Fugues For Organ By J.S. Bach.

On the joyous occasion of the coronation of Charles III on 6th May 2023 it is with great pleasure that Richard Irwin dedicates his latest album, “Apprentice to Master: The Complete Preludes and Fugues by J.S. Bach.” to the new king.

“I hope that this collection of Bach’s magnificent organ works bring forth a sense of wonder and inspiration to His Majesty’s reign, as it showcases the development of an enthusiastic young apprentice into a true master.

Bach’s music transcends time. May this album serve as a symbol of the enduring power of music and art to uplift the human spirit and may it provide a lasting testament to the artistic heritage and cultural richness of His Majesty’s reign.” – Richard M.S. Irwin

Bach famously believed, the ultimate purpose of music should be to glorify God and uplift the soul. In this spirit, these new recordings are also dedicated by Richard, to those who, like himself, are battling incurable cancer. He hopes that the beauty and power of Bach’s music brings comfort, peace, and spiritual refreshment to all who listen to it. £2.50 will be donated to Cancer Research for each CD set sold. 

A preview of the double album due for release on 20th March 2023 can be heard by clicking here. CDs are available here at £14.95, of which £2.50 is donated to Cancer Research.

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A New Mass

Richard Irwin’s son Conrad has written a new mass for four unaccompanied voices. It was premiered in San Francisco in 2022 with Eric Choate conducting.

Click on this link to listen to a recording beautifully conducted by David Simkins with professional singers from Bristol University. The recording can be used as an accompaniment to a communion service, or you can download the score for free. A Mass In Waltz Time

New Hymns

There are many thousands of hymns and we at Hymns Without Words have only recorded a small fraction. Therefore we have decided to open the platform to other artists. If you have recorded a hymn that you believe should be included in our collection then please submit it here.

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As Bright as a Rose Baptismal Anthem

Written as a Christening present for granddaughter, As Bright As A Rose is a beautiful Baptismal Anthem for SATB, conducted and recorded by David Simkins.

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