O Holy Night

O Holy Night (Small Ensemble, 6 Verses)

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1. O holy night,
the Babe lies in the manger,
O holy night,
He sleeps there in the hay.

2. O holy night,
He’s watched by mother Mary;
O holy night,
He sleeps ’til break of day.

3. O holy night,
The star was brightly shining;
O holy night,
When angels sang their lay.

4. O holy night,
When shepherds came to worship!
O holy night,
In awe they came to pray.

5. O holy night,
The kings bowed low before Him;
O holy night,
The Babe smiles as they pray.

6. O holy night,
The brightest dawn is breaking,
O holy night,
When Jesus came to stay.


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