Mysterious God

Mysterious God, Beyond My Comprehension (Mysterious God, Organ, 5 Verses)

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Mysterious God : Recording

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Mysterious God : Lyrics

1. Mysterious God, beyond my comprehension,
deeper and wider than the wisest mind,
Stretching beyond conceivable dimension,
beyond the grasp of finite humankind.
Mysterious God, mysterious God
revealed in Jesus, God-man mystery.

2. No single being could express your nature
You are One God, yet show Yourself as Three.
I stand before You as a finite creature,
numbers lose meaning in Your mystery. Refrain

3. Humbled, I try to think of You as spatial,
You’re everywhere now simultaneously;
worthy of temples gloriously palatial,
yet spurning these to live in mystery. Refrain

4. You live outside of Time that so confines me,
I can’t imagine Your Eternity.
Past, present, future: these constructs define me,
Your timeless present is a mystery. Refrain

5. You are Almighty, infinite in power;
what You decide is an accomplished deed.
I struggle to be faithful for one hour,
Your faithful rule is one more mystery. Refrain

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  • Metre: and refrain 4.4.11.



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