Forward Through The Ages

Forward Through The Ages (Saint Gertrude, Organ, 3 Verses)

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Forward Through The Ages Lyrics

1. Forward through the ages,
In unbroken line,
Move the faithful spirits
At the call divine.
Gifts in diff’ring measure,
Hearts of one accord,
Manifold the service,
One the sure reward;

Forward through the ages, 
In unbroken line,
Move the faithful spirits 
At the call divine.

2. Wider grows the kingdom,
Reign of love and light;
For it we must labour,
Till our faith is sight.
Prophets have proclaimed it,
Martyrs testified,
Poets sung its glory,
Heroes for it died. Refrain

3. Not alone we conquer,
Not alone we fall;
In each loss or triumph
Lose or triumph all.
Bound by God’s far purpose
In one living whole,
Move we on together
To the shining goal! Refrain

Meter: 65 65 D and Refrain. Lyricist: Frederick Lucian Hosmer (1840 – 1929). Public Domain.

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