O Lord My God I Thirst For You (Kingsfold, Small Ensemble, 4 Verses)

O Lord My God I Thirst For You (Kingsfold, Small Ensemble, 4 Verses)

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O Lord My God I Thirst For You : Recording

This wordless recording of O Lord My God I Thirst For You has been made to accompany singers in Church Services.

O Lord My God I Thirst For You : Free MP3 Download

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O Lord My God I Thirst For You : Lyrics

“God my Rock”

1. O Lord, my God, I thirst for You,
I long to see your face,
Just as the hunted deer is stressed
I falter in the race;
My heart cries out, my tears run down,
I am in deep distress,
“Where is your God?” men say to me,
They taunt me and oppress.

2. Lord, when will I be helped by You,
I struggle day and night?
O hear my prayer, enable me
to stand in your great might;
I look back on those days gone by
when, Lord, You were so near,
when in your house with festive throng
I praised your Name so dear.

3. So why am I cast down, O Lord,
and why should I feel low?
You are my God, my Saviour strong,
Your praise from me shall flow;
I think of all your works, O Lord,
Your saving power of old,
So when beset and overwhelmed,
I will your strength take hold.

4. Your loving-kindness fills my days,
Your song at night I sing,
And when my fears assail again
to You I’ll tightly cling;
My hope is fixed on God, my Rock,
His own He won’t forget;
Be still my soul, my face will shine
And I will praise Him yet.

This hymn is based on Psalm 42, a prayer to God in which the writer expresses his deep desire for God’s presence at a time of great distress. In my reflection on this psalm I have sought to echo the heartfelt cry of the psalmist as he moves from a sense of unexplained and painful isolation from God to a confident trust in God and in His faithfulness.

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