With vows given freely (Pachelbel Canon)

Hymn – With vows given freely – Lyrics

With vows given freely, such delight
Is pleasure reflected in God’s sight.
You follow His loving living sign;
In Jesus His gift to us divine:
A sign in the flying of a dove,
Ever present Spirit of his love,
A symbol of the God that is above
Reminds us life is good.

Your life is a thing to be enjoyed,
Not to be squandered or destroyed,
And laughter’s a part of God’s design,
Your joy is another gift divine: Refrain

So go to the lonely and the sad,
Speak of your joy and make them glad,
Hope’s light in your love will ever shine,
Your love is a holy gift divine: Refrain


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  • Verses: 3
  • Album: Wedding Songs
  • Tune: Pachelbel Canon
  • Style: Baroque
  • Usage: General, Weddings
  • Composer: Johann Pachelbel (1653 – 1706)
  • Arranger: Richard Mark Stephen Irwin
  • Lyricist: Richard Mark Stephen Irwin
  • Music Copyright Public Domain
  • Lyrics 2014 Richard Mark Stephen Irwin (b. 1955)
  • Performance Copyright ℗ 2019 Richard M S Irwin. All rights reserved.