The Orange Of Christingle

The Orange Of Christingle (Holly And The Ivy, Chamber Orchestra, 5 Verses)

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The Orange Of Christingle : Lyrics

The Christingle Carol

1. The orange of Christingle
the world reminds us of,
And how our God created us,
And on us sheds his love.
O sing about Christingle,
Your voices loud employ.
Your praises bring to God our King;
For Jesus and his joy.

2. The candle of Christingle,
With shining flame so bright;
Reminds us of our loving Lord
Who is the world’s true light.

3. The red band of Christingle
Which plainly we can see;
Reminds us of how Jesus Christ
was killed upon that tree.

4. The four sticks of Christingle,
With which the orb we spear,
Remind us how God cares for us,
thro’ the seasons of the year.

5. The whole of the Christingle,
It is a joy to see;
It shines to show how our Father God,
Loves even you and me.

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  • Meter: Irregular

The Orange Of Christingle : Recording

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