Lord We Humbly Bow

Lord We Humbly Bow (Piano and Flute, 3 Verses)

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Lord We Humbly Bow : Lyrics

Lord, we humbly bow in awe of You,
And we kneel in joy before your Throne,
We can hear the choirs of angels sing,
As creation worships You alone.
So with joy we will sing,
We will praise Your name,
And we will bow low on bended knee;
We will sing songs of praise,
We will worship You,
We will praise You for setting us free!

We’ll proclaim You Saviour, Lord and King,
We will worship You as hands we raise;
Give You glory on the mountain top,
Singing songs of eve-lasting praise.

‘Til we lay our worship at Your feet,
And in heav’n our songs of joy we sing,
We will serve You here on Earth below,
And proclaim You our Saviour and King!

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