Jesus Name All Names Above

Jesus Name All Names Above (St Theoktistos, Organ, 3 Verses)

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Jesus Name All Names Above Lyrics

This recording has been made to accompany singers in Church Services.

1. Jesus, name all names above,
Jesus, best and dearest,
Jesus, fount of perfect love,
Holiest, tend’rest, nearest:
Jesus, source of grace completest,
Jesus, purest, Jesus, sweetest,
Jesus, well of pow’r divine,
Make me, keep me, seal me thine!

2. Thou didst call the prodigal;
Thou didst pardon Mary,
Thou whose words can never fall,
Love can never vary,
Lord, to heal my lost condition
Give (for thou canst give) contrition;
Thou canst pardon all my ill
If thou wilt; O say, “I will!”

3. Jesus, open me the gate
That the robber entered,
Who in that most lost estate
Wholly on thee ventured.
Thou whose wounds are ever pleading,
And thy Passion interceding,
From my sins, O let me rise
To a home in paradise!

Meter: 76 76 88 77. Lyrics by  St Theoktistos (9th century), translated by John Mason Neale (1818 – 1866). Public Domain.


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