It Fell Upon A Summer Day

It Fell Upon A Summer Day (Childhood, Organ, 6 Verses) Free Download

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It Fell Upon A Summer Day : Recording

It Fell Upon A Summer Day : Lyrics

1. It fell upon a summer day,
When Jesus walked in Galilee,
The mothers from a village brought
Their children to his knee.

2. He took them in his arms, and laid
His hands on each remembered head;
“Allow these little ones to come
To me,’ he gently said.

3. ‘Forbid them not; unless ye bear
The childlike heart your hearts within,
Unto my kingdom ye may come,
But may not enter in.’

4. My Lord, I fain would enter there;
O let me follow thee, and share
Thy meek and lowly heart, and be
Freed from all worldly care.

5. O happy thus to live and move,
And sweet this world, where I shall find
God’s beauty everywhere, his love,
His good in humankind.

6. Then, Father, grant this childlike heart,
That I may come to Christ, and feel
His hands on me in blessing laid,
Love-giving, strong to heal.

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