O My Saviour Lifted

O My Saviour Lifted (North Coates, Organ, 5 Verses)

O My Saviour Lifted Lyrics

This recording of has been made to accompany singers in Church Services.

1. O my Saviour, lifted
From the earth for me,
Draw me, in thy mercy,
Nearer unto thee.

2. Lift my earth-bound longings,
Fix them, Lord, above;
Draw me with the magnet
Of thy mighty love.

3. Lord, thine arms are stretching
Ever far and wide,
To enfold thy children
To thy loving side.

4. And I come, O Jesus:
Dare I turn away?
No, thy love hath conquered,
And I come today.

5. Bringing all my burdens,
Sorrow, sin and care;
At thy feet I lay them,
And I leave them there.

Meter: 65 65. Lyrics by William Walsham How (1823 – 1897). Public Domain.

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