Lift Thy Banner, Church Of Erin

Lift Thy Banner, Church Of Erin (Mead House, Organ, 6 Verses)

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Lift Thy Banner, Church Of Erin : Lyrics

An Irish Hymn suitable for St Patrick’s Day and other occasions.

1. Lift thy banner, Church of Erin,
To thine ancient faith we cling,
Thou art build on truth eternal,
Jesus Christ, our Lord and King.
Constant guide to all thy children,
We will own thy gentle sway,
Till the night of toil be ended
And glad dawns the eternal day.

2. In the days of heathen darkness
Brooded o’er our Emerald Isle,
Sternest hearts by thee were softened,
Deserts ‘neath thy touch did smile,
From each hill the gospel message
Rang in accents clear and strong,
Till God’s truth and love made conquest
O’er a nation’s vice and wrong.

3. Far beyond our ocean girdle
Faithful sons the gospel taught,
Men of distant climes and nations
At their lips the tidings sought,
Where ‘midst alpine snowy splendour
Sleeping lake in shadow lies,
Where the vine and olive flourish
‘Neath the blue Italian skies.

4. Ages pass, yet with Saint Patrick
Firm we hold the faith of God,
With his ‘Breastplate’ armed, we follow
Where the saints and martyrs trod.
Brave Columba’s fearless labours,
Brigid’s life-long work of love,
Teach us to endure the hardness,
‘Til we reach the rest above.

5. Still the ancient faith we cherish,
Still at ancient shrines we pray,
Still the ancient prayers and anthems
Sound aloud from day to day.
Far and wide in stately witness
Ringing yet from shore to shore,
Proudly rise the old church towers,
Steadfast as in the days of yore.

6. Shepherd good, we pray thee gather
All thy sheep within the fold,
Grant thy people holy longing
For the fellowship of old.
Then the ancient Church of Erin
Shall with new-born strength arise,
Strength to fight the battle glorious,
Strength to win the heavenly prize.

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