Jesus The True Way

Jesus The True Way (Lascia Ch’io Pianga, Chamber Ensemble, 3 Verses) Free Download

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Jesus The True Way : Recording

Jesus The True Way is a hymn written by Greg Bate (b. 1943) and set to the music of Händel‘s beautiful aria Lascia Ch’io Pianga.

Jesus The True Way : Lyrics

1. Jesus the true way,
Jesus the true life,
The true life the true way,
The way to the Father.
Jesus the world’s light,
Jesus our saviour,
Our refuge and strength,
Incarnate God yet servant of all.

2. Jesus redeemer,
Jesus creator,
Our ransom provider,
A free gift for us all.
Jesus the world’s judge,
Jesus exalted,
The first and the last,
The son of God who’ll rule o’er us all.

Is it no-thing to you,
All you who pass by?
He gave His own life for us,
In our place he came to die.

3. Jesus now risen,
Jesus ascended,
In glory, above
And seeking all those lost, with His love.

Is it nothing to you,
All you who pass by?
He gave His own life for us,
In our place he came to die.

Jesus shall reign!

Jesus The True Way : Free MP3 Download

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Jesus The True Way (Lacsia Ch’io Pianga, 3 Verses) Keyboard Score 2023

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