For Every Blade Of Bright Green Grass

For Every Blade Of Bright Green Grass (Green Grass – 5 Verses) – Piano Ensemble

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For Every Blade Of Bright Green Grass Lyrics

For every blade of bright green grass,
For every petal of each flower,
For every leaf on every tree,
We thank you Lord God, Almighty.

For each raindrop, each wet shower,
That falls on dusty, parchèd earth,
And nourishes the fertile loam,
And sprouts up shoots with growing power.

For every seed of every plant,
That multiplies its sacred kind,
For sweetest fruit of yielding tree,
We thank you Lord God, Almighty.

For every species of each herb,
That seasons up our fractured whole,
And soothes and calms like Gilead’s balm,
And heals the mind, body and soul.

For Nature’s generosity
Sustaining all createdkind,
Your gift of Omni love divine,
We thank you Lord God, Almighty.

Meter: LM. Lyrics by Verna Penn Moll, Copyright © 2020. CCLI 7165644.

Green Grass ~ Recording

  • Tune: Green Grass, composed by Richard M S Irwin (b.1955) Copyright © 2020. Used with permission. CCLI: 7165644.
  • Performance ℗ 2020 Richard Irwin Music®. ISRC UKTU21900241. All Rights Reserved.

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