A man there lived in Galilee (Tyrol)

A man there lived in Galilee Lyrics

A man there lived in Galilee
like no one else before,
for he alone from first to last
our flesh unsullied wore;
a perfect life of perfect deeds
once to the world was shown,
that everyone might mark his steps
and in them place their own.

A man there died on Calvary,
above all others brave;
he gave to all, he saved and blessed,
himself he scorned to save;
no thought can gauge the weight of woe
on him, the sinless, laid;
we only know that with his death
our ransom price was paid.

A man there stands at God’s right hand,
divine, yet human still;
that brand, heroic, peerless soul
death sought in vain to kill.
All power is his; supreme he rules
all realms of time and space;
yet still our human cares and needs
find in his heart a place.


The music used in this recording belongs in the Public Domain, but the Performance rights ℗ belong to Richard M S Irwin. You may click the Download Button to obtain the MP3 recording for use in Worship or for personal use only. For other uses of the recording, please Contact Us.  
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  • Tune: Tyrol
  • Verses: 3
  • Meter: DCM
  • Style: Traditional Tyrolean
  • Church Year: Advent, Trinity, Candlemas
  • Composer: Unknown – Traditional Tyrolean melody arranger: Richard Mark Stephen Irwin (b. 1955)
  • Lyricist: Somerset Corry Lowry (1855 – 1932)
  • Music and Lyrics Copyright Public Domain
  • Performance Copyright ℗ 2012 Richard M S Irwin Certain rights reserved.