Lord of our life, and God of our salvation (Cloisters)

Hymn – Lord of our life, and God of our salvation – Lyrics

Lord of our life and God of our salvation,
Star of our night and hope of ev’ry nation:
Hear and receive thy Church’s supplication,
Lord God Almighty.

Lord, Thou canst help when earthly armor faileth;
Lord, Thou canst save when deadly sin assaileth;
Christ, o’er Thy rock nor death nor hell prevaileth;
Grant us Thy peace, Lord.

Peace, in our hearts, our evil thoughts assuaging,
Peace, in Thy church, where people are engaging,
Peace, when the world its busy war is waging;
Calm thy foes raging!

Grant us Thy grace through trail and temptation;
Grant them Thy truth, thy promise of salvation;
Grant us thy peace in ev’ry heart and nation,
And in Thy heaven.


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  • Tune: Cloisters
  • Meter: 11 11 11 5
  • Style: Victorian Hymn
  • Church Year, General, Lent, Passiontide, Trinity
  • Composer: Joseph Barnby (1838 – 1899)
  • Lyricist: Matthäus Apelles von Löwenstern (1594-1648)
  • Translator: Philip Pusey (1799 -1855)
  • Music and Lyrics Copyright Public Domain
  • Performance Copyright ℗ 2018 Richard M S Irwin. Certain rights reserved.