Come And Join The Celebration (Celebrations – 3 Verses) – Small Ensemble

Come And Join The Celebration ~ Lyrics

Meter: 87 86Lyricist: Valerie Collinson (b. 1933). Copyright © 1972 High-Fye Music Ltd.

We regret that we are unable to publish the lyrics to this hymn at the moment, as they are still in copyright. They can be found in the following hymn books:

  • Hymns Old & New, 2008 Number 117
  • Mission Praise, 2005 Number 83
  • Singing the Faith, 2011 Number 196

Hymn Code: 156546531565432

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A recording of this hymn is available on Richard Irwin’s album – “From Advent to Epiphany Volume 2” which can be found on AmazonGoogle Play, iTunesSpotify.


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