Prayer And Awakening

Prayer and Awakening – Meditations on the Angels (2012)

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Prayer and Awakening : Recording

  • Style: Meditation
  • Composer: Richard Mark Stephen Irwin (b. 1955)
  • Music Copyright © 2012 Richard M S Irwin, All Rights Reserved.
  • Performance Copyright ℗ 2012 Richard M S Irwin, All Rights Reserved.

Prayer and Awakening : Free MP3 Download

The music used in this recording belongs in the Public Domain, but the Performance rights ℗ belong to Richard M S Irwin. You may click the Download Button to obtain the MP3 recording for use in Worship (including online services) or for personal use only. For other uses of the recording, please Contact Us. If you use our free MP3 hymns, please consider a donation to help keep this service free.

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This meditation is dedicated to Angelina Saunderson – fully qualified Archangel – who introduced me to another way of looking at the world.

It is designed to be listened to while meditating.

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