King Of Love O Christ

King Of Love O Christ We Crown Thee (Hermon, Organ, 4 Verses)

King Of Love O Christ : Lyrics

1. King of love, O Christ, we crown thee
Lord of thought and Lord of will,
Each demand of thy high challenge
Dedicated to fulfil;
We with thee by grace co-workers,
Till, where’er man’s foot has trod,
Peoples, kings, dominions, races,
Own the empire of our God.

2. King of life, who hast created
Wheat in golden harvest spread:
Make your servants strong to serve thee
By the gift of daily bread;
Feed us with thy body broken,
With thy blood outpoured sustain,
That our souls divinely strengthened
May the life eternal gain.

3. King of Mercy, thou has saved us
From the haunting sense of loss,
Nailing in thy vast compassion
Sin’s indictment to the Cross;
Them we love, by thy sore anguish,
From the past thou makest free,
Breathing words of absolution
Where thou reignest from the Tree

4. King triumphant, King victorious,
Take your throne our hearts within,
Lest the might of fierce temptation
Snare us into deadly sin.
By the Spirit’s rich anointing,
Grant us power life’s race to run,
Till the lure of sense be vanquished,
Till the prize of God be won

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