Hymns For Church Services

Hymns For Church Services – Over 600 Free Quality Recordings Available

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The need for recordings of Hymns for Church Services is increasing. Luckily technology is at hand to help.

Hymns for Church Services

Unfortunately, the number of church organists is decreasing. The number of those retiring exceeds the number of new organists being trained. Hymns Without Words was started in response to this need.

Quality of Hymns for Church Services

Whilst our hymn books have accompanying CDs available to play hymn tunes. one of the motivating factors behind developing this web site was the awfulness of the recordings on those CDs. They were recording on an electric organ or electric piano and do not sound like real instruments. The recordings on Hymns Without Words are made using the sounds of real instruments. Another issue many churches face, especially small and rural parishes, is a shortage of cash. CDs can be expensive Hymns Without Words offers its recordings for free.

Hymns Without Words is privately funded by Richard Irwin and a number of private donors, who help to pay for the servers, software and licences needed to operate.

Using Streaming Services

An ever-increasing number of our hymns are becoming available on streaming services such as Amazon MusicApple MusicTidal and Spotify. This means you can use a smart phone or tablet to create play a playlist for your services created on your favourite App.

Pointing and Phrasing of Hymns for Church Services

Some people think that a recording of a hymn tune can be used for multiple hymns. Theoretically this may be true, but in practice the tune needs to follow the phrasing of each verse, where emphasis on particular words, or syllables may be needed as well as having suitable pauses for punctuation. Each recording on Hymns Without Words follows the words to make it easier for the singer.

Following The Meaning

Each verse of a hymn has meaning, sad, happy, joyful and mysterious. This means that different stops are likely to be appropriate in each verse. The use of different stops and volumes also adds interest to the recording.

Requesting A Hymn for Church Services

If we have not yet made a recording of a particular hymn you need, please use our Recording Request form and we will do our best to oblige.

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