Praise The Lord, His Glories Show (Llanfair) – Organ

Lyrics ~ 4 verses

Meter: 77 77 and Alleluias

Praise the Lord, His glories show, alleluia,
Saints within His courts below, alleluia,
Angels round His throne above, alleluia,
All that see and share God’s love: alleluia.

Earth to heaven and heaven to earth, alleluia,
Tell His wonders, sing His worth, alleluia,
Age to age, and shore to shore, alleluia.
Praise Him, praise Him, evermore, alleluia.

Praise the Lord, His mercies trace; alleluia,
Praise His providence and grace, alleluia,
All that He for man hath done, alleluia,
All He sends us through His Son, alleluia.

Strings and voices, hands and hearts, alleluia,
In the concert bear your parts, alleluia:
All that breathe, your Lord adore, alleluia,
Praise Him, praise Him, evermore, alleluia.

Lyrics by Henry Francis Lyte (1793 – 1847). Public Domain

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  • Tune: Llanfair, composed by Robert Williams (1781 – 1821). Public Domain.
  • Performance ℗ 2017 Richard M S Irwin. All rights reserved

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