Almighty Father Of All Things To Be (Chilton Foliat, Organ)

Almighty Father Of All Things That Be (Chilton Foliat, Organ, 6 Verses)

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Almighty Father Of All Things That Be : About

This lesser-known hymn is the only surviving hymn by Church of England clergyman Ernest Edward Dugmore (1843-1925), whose words are set to the tune ‘Chilton Foliat’, composed by Sir George Clement Martin (1844-1916) who was organist at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Unusually, the hymn was originally written for the opening of a small industrial exhibition in Dugmore’s parish in 1884. The words give thanks to the Father for our natural world and ask that our actions and work may be carried out reflecting God’s loving nature.

Almighty Father Of All Things That Be : Recording

Almighty Father Of All Things That Be : Lyrics

1. Almighty Father of all things that be,
Our life, our work we consecrate to thee,
Whose heavens declare thy glory from above,
Whose earth below is witness to thy love.

2. For well we know this weary, soiled earth
Is yet thine own by right of its new birth,
Since that great cross upreared on Calvary
redeemed it from its fault and shame to thee.

3. Thine still the changeful beauty of the hills,
The purple valleys flecked with silver rills,
The ocean glistening ‘neath the golden rays:
They all are thine, and ceaseless speak thy praise.

4. Thou dost the strength to worker’s arms impart;
From thee the skilled musician’s reasoned art,
The grace of poet’s pen or painter’s hand,
To teach the loveliness of sea and land.

5. Then grant us, Lord, in all things thee to own,
To dwell within the shadow of thy throne,
To speak and work, to think and live and move
Reflecting thine own nature, which is love;

6. That so, by Christ redeemed from sin and shame,
And hallowed by thy Spirit’s cleansing flame,
Ourselves, our work, and all our powers may be
A sacrifice acceptable to thee.

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