O sacred head, surrounded (Passion Chorale)

Hymn – O Sacred head, surrounded – Lyrics

O Sacred head, surrounded
by crown of piercing thorn!
O bleeding head, so wounded,
reviled and put to scorn!
Death’s pallid hue comes over you
The glow of life decays,
yet angel hosts adore thee
and tremble as they gaze

I see thy strength and vigor
all fading in the strife,
and death with cruel rigor,
bereaving thee of life;
O agony and dying!
O love to sinners free!
Jesus, all grace supplying,
O turn thy face on me.

In this thy bitter passion,
Good Shepherd, think of me
with thy most sweet compassion,
unworthy though I be:
beneath thy cross abiding
for ever would I rest,
in thy dear love confiding,
and with thy presence blest.


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  • Tune: Passion Chorale
  • Meter: 76 76 D
  • Style: Lutheran, German Reformation, Baroque
  • Church Year: Lent, Passiontide
  • Composer: Hans Leo Hassler (1564 – 1612)
  • Arranger: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)
  • Lyricist: Paul Gerhardt (1607 – 1676)
  • Translator: Henry Williams Baker (1821 – 1877)
  • Music and Lyrics Public Domain.
  • Performance Copyright ℗ 2018 Richard M S Irwin, Certain rights reserved.


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