Joshua fit de battle of Jericho

Hymn – Joshua fit de battle of Jericho – Lyrics

Joshua fit de battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho,
Joshua fit de battle of Jericho and the walls come a-tumblin’ down.
Good Morning Sister Mary,
Good morning Brother Joe.
Gonna tell you ‘bout good old Joshua and the battle of Jericho. Oh!

You can talk about your king of Gideon,
You can brag about your man of Saul,
But there’s none like good old Joshua for to make dem, old walls fall. Oh!

They tell me that the spear of Joshua was well nigh twelve foot tall
And upon his hip was the double-edged sword
And the man was gospel born. Oh!

Up to the walls of Jericho
He marched with spear in hand.
“Go blow dem ram’s horns loud and clear
“For the battle am in my hand”. Oh!

Then the ram-sheep’s horns ‘gan to blow,
So loudly did they sound.
Then all God’s children shouted out
And the walls come a-tumblin’ down, Oh!
The walls come a-tumblin’ down, Oh!
The walls come a-tumblin’ down!


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  • Tune: Joshua fit de battle of Jericho
  • Meter: Irregular and Refrain
  • Style: Spiritual
  • Composer: Unknown arranger: Richard Mark Stephen Irwin
  • Lyricist: Unknown
  • Usage: General
  • Music and Lyrics Copyright Public Domain
  • Performance Copyright © 2011 Richard M S Irwin. Certain rights reserved.

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